Annual Plan Review—Julie Lucey

We would like to make sure we have your current information in our system. Please take a few minutes to fill out these forms and submit them to us.

Current Information Update Request-Julie Lucey

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  • Please list your other doctors including their specialty and facility. Example: Dr John Doe - Cardiologist - Froedtert Health
  • Please include the EXACT name of the medication as it appears on your prescription bottle/container. Please include the TYPE (tablet, capsule, injection, inhaler, etc), the DOSE of the med, the FREQUENCY (how often you take the med - daily, twice daily, etc), the AMOUNT in one prescription and HOW OFTEN you have it filled (30 days, 90 days, twice a year, etc). Please do NOT include over the counter medication such as vitamins, Tylenol, Advil, etc. *If you do NOT take any prescription medications, please type NONE in the box below.* Please enter information like this: Name of Medication - Type - Dose - Frequency - Amount - How often filled
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Thank you for completing our Annual Plan Review and Survey! We will review this information and be in contact with you soon.